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Name : Gilda (rodentlibrary)
Pronouns : she / they
Country : Brazil

Status : Online - b31n9 1337
Last Spotted : Under one day ago
Started Playing : February 7, 2005

Shop : Gilda's Gilded Wares (NP Commissions)
Hobbies : Eating Socks, Eating Socks, Eating Socks

Started playing retail Neopets all the way back in 2005, now active on! Profile

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custom shield (current is a placeholder)

Years ago, someone had the gutsy business idea of starting up a hotel up on Terror Mountain with the goal of taking advantage of the gorgeous view from up there: as Terror Mountain is actually the highest peak within its range, the hotel offered a vista that consisting of the rest of the mountain range, the sprawl of pine forest covering everything like a blanket, and the occasional low clouds lazily draped over the area.

Unfortunately, such a daring business venture has its risks. Turns out the hotel didn't quite work out as intended, both due to its cost but mostly because of Terror Mountain's terrible, unpredictable weather. Tall mountains often have their own weather systems due to their height, which meant you couldn't always tell what the weather up there was going to be like from the foot of the mountain, especially in advance. Huge storms of both rain and snow were known to move in at a moment's notice and that drove away all clientele, who suddenly understood the reason why the mountain is called a terror to begin with. Eventually, as the customer base dwindled, the hotel was abandoned and left to rot. Apparently, gutting the building and taking everything down the mountain was going to cost much more than it was worth.

Luckily for the now abandoned hotel, it wasn't too far off a trail sometimes used by mountaineers on their way to and from Terror's summit. It didn't take much longer for someone, exhausted and caught by the everchanging weather on their way down, to accidentally veer off the trail and end up at the doors to the hotel's decaying but imponent figure.

At that point, few people would typically get to that height in the mountain, even fewer would find themselves in that particular trail. But over time whispers started to circulate all over about how if you wanted to find yourself a secluded place for any reason, the abandoned hotel near Weewoo Trail with the still functioning generator was an option. Eventually, people started moving in, some temporarily and others not so much. Because the hotel is so secluded and the weather outside is so terrible, some tenants started running services and amenities out of the spare rooms, such as a post office and several stores.