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Cinni's Oekaki Board
Draw in local PaintBBS, hit send to be able to save your picture. (Japanese)
Draw in browser-based, public domain Kidpix
Photopea, a browser-based public domain Photoshop
Heavy Paint, a free drawing program that imitates the feel of physical painting
Lulu's website graphics
GenesisJam's collection of 88x31 buttons and graphics
Neonaut's 88x31 buttons collection
A.N. Lucas' 88x31 buttons collection
Mystsaphyr's 88x31 buttons collection
mace486's 88x31 buttons collection
The ultimate 88x31 button collection
PixelProfile's 88x31 buttons collection
Sadgrl's 88x31 button maker
Sukiyaki City's 88X31 buttons collection
Y2K's 88X31 buttons collection
Y2K's stamps collection
Y2K's blinkies collection
Sukiyaki City's blinkie collection
Blinkies for your site
More blinkies for your site
Dokodemo's collection of blinkies, 88x31 buttons and more
Bumper stickers for your site
Web Badges World, for all of your 80x15 button needs
Another big collection of 80x15 buttons
Web button generator
80x15 web badge maker
Add a virtual pet to your site!
Dither Me This, an online image dithering tool
Geocities Graphics
Art of Geocities
The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack
Atom Smasher's Error Message Generator
ASCII Art Editor

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What is the Small Web?
I'm a fucking webmaster
Rediscovering the Small Web
Sadgrl's Internet Manifesto
Goodbye Corporate Web
The Indie Web Manifesto
About Marginalia Search
Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web
What is the Small Web?
My website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. What could yours be?
Of Digital Streams, Campfires and Gardens
My blog is a digital garden, not a blog
Digital Gardening for Non-Technical Folks
Don't Make Art for Likes: Social Media Pros and Cons
An Introduction to the Early Web Aesthetics of Geocities
My Website is a Personal Museum
Digital Wellbeing

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HTML and CSS editor that shows your changes in real time
HTML generator
Sadgrl's layout builder (I used it for this site myself!)
CSS layouts
Convert text into HTML
Build your CSS visually
Free Javascript/DHTML effects
Rarebit, a free HTML webcomic template
Rainbow Text Generator

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Cameron's World, a collage of Web 1.0 artifacts
Fraidycat, a browser extension that lets you follow people on any platform without having to sign up on social media
The Internet Archive
Geocities Archive
Textfiles, an archive of conversations and files from the BBS era
The Wayback Machine
Aaru, a software package for complete preservation of storage data (including physical media)
BBS Documentary (free to watch and download)
The World Wide Web project (by CERN)
Wiby, a search engine that prioritizes Web 1.0 style sites
Marginalia Search, another engine that prioritizes Web 1.0 websites
Daniel's Network Search, which only grabs handmade sites
GUI Gallery
Hot Glue, a visual tool for making collage-esque webpages
Give your sprites depth with sub-pixel animation
Leprd, free web hosting for hobbyists
Seize The Day, original version (free download)
Living Worlds (part of Seize the Day) in HTML5
Living Worlds (part of Seize the Day) in iOs and Android app format
Win95 as an app, written in JavaScript

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