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Hey there! I'm Gilda (she/they). I'm the fucking webmaster of this website. My goal with this site is to have a hub of all things Gildedware, a nice little place I can easily control the state and presentation of, rather than do nothing but throw my stuff out into the void of social media and hope for the best.

Some facts about me...

    ✦ I was born on July 1st in the (increasingly far off...) year of 1994

    ✦ I've worked with graphic design, motion design, illustration and photography. I'm also an Actual Specialist in art history

    ✦ Above all however, I'm a storyteller!

    ✦ I was born and raised in Brazil

    ✦ I'm self-taught at English and fully fluent

    ✦ I spent a good chunk of my early art journey drawing on Oekaki Boards (as seen by the image above!)

    ✦ I'm a nonbinary lesbian

    ✦ My fursona is a chinchilla and I adore rodents

    ✦ I'm the fiancee to the wonderful Fungalbeast!

I do not tolerate misogynists, racists, xenophobes, transphobes, homophobes, TERFs, Nazis, proshippers/comshippers, pedophiles, zoophiles, any of that shit.


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Discord: @ Gildedware

My Petz site:


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So, why a personal website?