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Hello! I'm Gilda, also known as Gildedware or GildedPhD, and I'm the fucking webmaster of this website. I was born on July 1st in the (increasingly far off...) year of 1994, in Brazil. I aim to use Neocities as a hub for myself and my works, rather than host my stuff primarily out in social media and hope for the best. Also, my pronouns are she/they!

I'm a big nerd about art who loves having fun and indulging in my passions!! I'm an artist and storyteller who loves working with illustration, animation, photography and art history. My new handle for art-related things is Gildedware, but I'm also known as GildedPhD. I'm the girlfriend to the wonderful Goofpunk!

Basic DNI criteria applies here. Meaning, do NOT interact with me or my work if you're a bigot (racist, transphobe, homophobe, TERF, Nazi etc.), proshipper, pedophile, zoophile, any of that shit.

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