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My name is Gilda (aka Gildedware, or GildedPhD), I'm an artist and storyteller who absolutely adores the Web 1.0 era of the internet. I love the Small Web initiative (in which things like personal websites, individual expression and digital gardens are prioritized over the gigantic megacorporate algorithm-driven websites that dominate the web of today), so naturally I sought to carve out a personal hub for myself!

Here you'll find information on:

  • My commission prices and status;
  • My stories and other works, most of which I intend to tell through a webcomic medium;
  • Cool stuff I find and put on my Links section;
  • And more!

    You can also play with one of my characters, who I've chosen as the little guardian of my homepage.

    Feel free to sign my guestbook below!

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    Established on 10-15-2021.