Gildedware.Logs has been installed!

July 28th, 2022: Did some tweaks to my site! Added in subtle scanlines and changed the page body to black and the text to white. I'm pretty happy with it! A big thanks to tealcrows ( for the edited CSS for the scanlines effect!

June 1st, 2022: The animation section is now up!

May 16th, 2022: Did some tweaks to my index page and the navigation bar. (added the link to the sitemap and the character pages, both of which are WIPs) There's always something to work on! Adjusted some visual stuff, added in custom fonts to the site, put in my digital garden and sitemap, and added the links to people I've followed since the last time I edited my links section! (if you'd like to be added or I accidentally missed you just let me know!!)

May 8th, 2022: Some people have been having trouble loading certain pages from my art section, so I converted all pictures to .webp (for some reason they show up broken in Neocities' page preview, but they should be working!) and broke up certain years' works into separate pages to lessen the page's image load a bit. I'll fix the navigation in the illustration page accordingly too!

May 4th, 2022: The illustration area of my website (my works -> illustration) is now complete (for now) and live! Feel free to check it out!

May 3rd 2022: Added three more links to my Links page (runegod, rarebit and niffnaff), plus set up all illustration gallery pages up to 2020!

May 1st 2022: Added everyone I follow to my links page! Also did some fixing up on that page to make it easier to navigate, swapped the dividers I was using for scrolling pixel mice and added new buttons and blinkies to my index page. Setting up my illustration gallery pages! I want to have galleries for all my art, sorted by year from 2005 to present day! So far I have 2005 and 2006 finished. After I'm done with the Illustration part of it, I'll start working on my other galleries!

Apr 15th 2022: I'm in the process of migrating everything from my Toyhouse to this site. Expect lots of placeholder HTML!

Mar 22nd 2022: Finally started working on this site again! Changed up a bunch of the visual graphics (new button, banners etc.), added in a new embedded guestbook and started working on my art-related pages!

Dec 26th 2021: Fixed something in the CSS of all pages to make my life easier in the future. Also added Petz-related cliques at the bottom!

Nov 28th 2021: Revamped my commission TOS a bit! Cleaned it up a little and added a line disallowing any kind of blockchain-based bullshit, among other things). I need to redraw brand new commission examples to reflect my current style... I'm also working on my Past Commissions page, with my past work separated by year.

Nov 2 2021: Lots of updates! I changed my banner and made a brand new site button. Added more stuff to the Links page, including buttons to other Neocities sites! Want to be affiliates/neighbors? Lemme know!

Oct 29th 2021: I think I finally finished the bulk of the Cool Links page for now, not including links to other Neocities pages (kinda funny that the one thing I currently have on my site is links leading out of my site...) I've also added some info in my About.

Oct 24th 2021: Changed the URL to Gildedware, to match my new handle everywhere. Lots of image links to fix now!

Oct 15th 2021: Site created! Still under heavy construction.